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Language service providers

As a language services provider, operating in the international market, you have numerous tasks to achieve, involving many different suppliers – and therefore you require that these suppliers incorporate your processes, promptly execute the works requested within the established parameters, and are willing to execute projects as part of a larger working team, involving other suppliers, on a trustworthy basis. Technology is another important factor. As a SLP, you expect us to master the CAT tool that is required by you and correctly maintain the respective validation steps and, in the event of TEP requests, that we will deliver the respective versions of the files.

Usually, your worldwide clients request that you provide part, or even all, of the languages within a specific product area, and you and your client are fully entitled to expect that the respective style guides, quality guarantee processes and standards are always observed. Given that your process chain distributes the work over many steps, you're fully aware that each job has a price - specification of the details of a global order on the basis of the number of words, lines or requests is insufficient for you. You need to know exactly how much each individual step will cost - because sometimes 3, 4 or even 5 different service providers are involved in the final product. At the same time, it’s also important to be aware that a translation request of a specific instructions manual for a particular machine, can also be correctly translated, revised and adapted by a single service provider - together with the control software, strings, alarm messages and sales brochures. We can achieve all these tasks at Guia ...

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